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the coupler: my favorite tool of the trade

You know those professional dog walkers you see strolling down some posh and pleasantly-busy street of New York or Beverly Hills, fifteen leashes as organized as a bunch of balloons? Me neither. Except in the movies. I’m certain they exist, somewhere, it’s just that I haven’t seen one in real life. Seeing is believing.

I want to be that dog walker.

Until then, I use leash couplers. When walking multiple dogs, they cut your leashes in half. Even if you are only walking two dogs, it will make your life so much easier.


One of my couplers, in action. The Golden Retriever is perfectly behaved on a leash (not my dog), and the terrier pulls and runs frantically all over the place for the majority of the walk (my dog). The golden isn’t bothered by it because the coupler allows for it.

A coupler is purchased as an accessory to your leash. They come in different sizes. I prefer a medium size since I walk different sized dogs all the time. It seems to work both for larger and smaller dogs. You hook your leash to the coupler as you would your dog’s collar. The coupler splits and makes two leashes from one. Hook one dog up to each end. One leash to hold. Two dogs. Ahhhh.

You can walk two big dogs, two little dogs, or one big dog and one little dog…they work with any combo. You can adjust the length of each split to accommodate your needs. If one dog pulls and the other doesn’t, it really won’t affect the well-behaved pooch because the force of the pull is dispersed. They can walk around each other and switch sides with ease because the bottom of your leash swivels and spins. Tangles just don’t happen.

You can even get couplers with more than two splits. Whoa.

The only issue with couplers? If one dog stops and the other doesn’t, the dog in motion might get an abrupt stop, or the stopped dog might get dragged (depending on which dog is stronger). This might happen if one stops to “do his business” or if one wants to sniff something. It’s really not that big of a deal, and is a much preferable problem than the dreaded tangled leash dance done by multiple leashes, in my opinion.


Adjustable coupler.

You can purchase a coupler at most pet stores, but you’ll find a wider selection of sizes and styles online.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. You’ll even be able to take a photo with your free hand!

One Comment on “the coupler: my favorite tool of the trade”

  1. I always wondered how pet owners with multiples could comfortably go walking. This looks awesome!

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