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our sidekick, “barf bowl”

The single best thing about working from home as a professional pet sitter is that I get to be with my kids. That’s only a problem when one of them is sick, because I can’t call in sick to play nurse for the day.

Porter woke up at precisely 4:43 a.m. this morning, barfing his brains out. No school. Instead, he gets to go to work with mommy. Thankfully, this mostly means we get to cuddle on the couch while I work away on the laptop, but today we had to venture out to see a few animals. The poor guy didn’t want to go at all, and asked if I could call someone to take care of him, but with such short notice, that just wasn’t a possibility. So we ventured out with our sidekick, “barf bowl” and completed our visits.

Oh, and if I saw your animal today, rest assured that he saved the actual barfing for when we were just blocks away from home.


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