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too hot for tootsies

As we Phoenicians brave today’s high temps–threatening 119°–I am inspired to plead the masses not to walk a dog in the middle of the day. I mean, please. I can’t believe how many dogs I saw out for a walk when driving home from my mid-day visits today. Really? Would you want to walk on the scorching asphalt with your bare feet? Try it.


The damage hot surfaces can do to paws. (Photo source: latheofdreams)

Dogs’ paws can burn, and burn bad. They are a bit more tolerant of the immediate sensation when walking on a hot surface because their paws are pretty tough, but damage is done. The dog may limp, lick their paws, or show other signs of distress several hours after the burn occurs.

My rule of thumb is to never walk a dog when the temperature is over 100°. I let my clients know that I’ll be happy to do some rigorous indoor play, or a nice game of fetch in the grass if it’s not too hot out.

Instead of walking your dog at noon, consider a early-morning or late-evening stroll. Be aware that concrete and asphalt can hold heat well past sundown, so test it with your own bare foot before proceeding. If you can comfortably stand, you’re good to go.

You can also try dog booties for protection.


Booties are functional AND cute! (Photo source: animalersspecialty)

Simple solutions.

So if you don’t want the insanely angry gal in the pooch wagon screaming at you to get your mutt off the street during your lunch break, please consider the benefits of the siesta, instead.


(Photo source: blog.bhres.com)

7 Comments on “too hot for tootsies”

  1. Wow – that’s a terrible photo and the dog must be in so much pain. In the summer here (in Sydney) we have extremely hot days. No one would dream of taking their dog out in the heat of the day. Such a sad thing to see 😦

    • well minded says:

      Yes, very sad…it drives me insane that people take their dogs out in this! My dog would pee on the floor, if I’d let her. She runs out to the grass, relieves herself, and then sprints back in. Whereas in any weather under 105°, she’s out there working on her tan. They say anything over 100° all feels the same, but I beg to differ.

  2. Angie says:

    I love your blog. I love animals. I am so sad that people walk their dogs in the hot weather. Or for that matter leave them outside. so sad.

  3. Great tips and good idea to remind people about this. Fortunately I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case as severe as the one in the picture. Ouch !

  4. […] much when it’s hot and we need to be careful of their paws on hot outdoor surfaces, another subject I touched upon recently. She also explained that just as we increase our water intake during the summer months, so do […]

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