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it’s okay that my first grader is failing Spanish

He got +2. He’s IP (in progress) in Spanish.

He’s going down. Mayday.

But let’s put this into perspective, okay? He’s in first grade. It’s Spanish. And he didn’t know there were hints at the bottom!!! He didn’t know! He said he didn’t know, and I totally believe him, because he’s rad, and he would have gotten them all, had he noticed.

So let’s look at the positives, shall we? Of the two he got right, he got 2/2 for pets. So, technically, he got 100% where it really counts, right? And he even threw in some French. Because he’s so advanced. You know…I don’t want to brag.


3 Comments on “it’s okay that my first grader is failing Spanish”

  1. Shemira says:

    Way to go Po! This one made me smile…thanks for sharing. Shemira

  2. Of course it is ok if he is not getting it yet. He will in time. I failed it in 11th grade and never did get it. He will get it in time if he applies himself and if he doesn’t that is ok as well.

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