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dog redecorates house–shocking footage

One of the greatest things about being a professional pet sitter is that I get to hang out all day with all kinds of animals. I get to know most of them pretty well, so it’s like having tons of pets that don’t all have to live with me. What could be better?

Though I do see my share of excrement and misbehavior, most of the time we have a complete blast. Some of my favorite pet sitting moments are the ones that make me crack up, such as the one I captured today.

This senior pooch has not lost any of her character or dazzle. She’s one of my regulars, and I love her so. She has this little house inside the house, and today she decided to redecorate!

3 Comments on “dog redecorates house–shocking footage”

  1. Adorable, just precious. Are you sure you don’t ever want to be a dognapper. I couldn’t help myself.

  2. […] dog redecorates house–shocking footage → […]

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