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silly state law Saturday: Arizona

state image source: mygreendiet.com

state image source: mygreendiet.com

Just when I thought Alaska would go the distance as the state to beat, we arrive at the state in which I live, Arizona. As conservative as this state is, I thought, for sure, the law would be on the side of the hunter, rather than the hunted. Looks like I was wrong!

• Bullfrog hunting season has been permanently closed. Save the bullfrogs!

• Donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs. But what if it just happens? I mean, with bubbles, candlelight, and a glass of wine, that donkey just might be so relaxed. Must the poor thing be arrested for it?

• Elephants must have a bell around their necks to warn swans of their approach. Because the vibration in the ground and the trumpeting isn’t enough warning for swans. In all the situations where swans and elephants must reside together. I’m thinking the elephants could better use a warning about the swans.

• Hunting camels is prohibited. Does that include wild camels, or just the ones at the zoo?

• If you bother the cottontails or bullfrogs in Hayden, you will be fined. Well, finally! A reasonable law. Poor little things.

• In Tempe, it is illegal to eat grass from any area where sheep or cows are grazing. Just because you don’t want to accidentally ingest their droppings, I presume. I’ll stick to eating my grass from where the camels graze.

• In Prescott, it is illegal to ride a horse up the stairs of the county courthouse. I’ve been on those very steps, and I’m thinking it would take a lot of drink and a lot of stupid for me to take that dare.

Arizona, you didn’t disappoint. I wonder if keeping a bullfrog as a pet counts as bothering them? Hmmm…

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Law information source: stupidlaws.com and dumblaws.com.

6 Comments on “silly state law Saturday: Arizona”

  1. mini597 says:

    Oh my the laughs just keep coming. I think you should write a book about all of these. I bet it would be on the Best Seller list. Thanks to your son for coming up with the idea of doing it.

  2. Tammy says:

    AZ was the location of the only U.S. Camel Corps. I believe they were headquartered in Quartzite. Soldiers on Camelback. Once the war ended, the camels were released into the desert and it was illegal to shoot them.

  3. Oh that is just priceless! Why do they bother keeping those silly rules on the books? Love Dolly

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